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5280 Denver's Magazine - "The 15 Calmest, Quietest, Coolest (and most decadently wonderful) Urban Spa's”, August 2009

Rocky Mountain News – “Denver’s Best Massage Fit for Royalty”, July 2009

5280 Denver's Magazine - "Current Obsession - Pampering Pick", January 2007

KMGH Denver Channel 7  "A-List" has ranked me as one of Denver's Top Massage Therapist for three years in a row.



January 2016 - Happy New Day

There are no blank pages in life, only pages of limitless creative potential. Pages for creating art, capturing thoughts or songs, folding into shapes, kindling a fire, the list is endless; but it's never blank.

What a wonderful journey around the sun last year was. What started as a clean white page evolved quickly as it filled with wide brush strokes of vibrant colors running in every direction, on and off the paper, light patches next to dark ones, chaotic swirls enriched by clean uninhibited white spaces of silence, and in rare instances, strokes of color so magnificent that they could be described as nothing less than stardust residue left behind from moments of pure magic.

Resolutions. I love the idea of being resolute (e.g. admirably purposeful, determined, unwavering). So on the eve of the New Year, I came up with the following New Day resolutions as reminders to live each day in the New Year with purpose and determination.

1.    Dance Through the New Year

"I want to dance more in life. I want to learn new dances and about the history of where they originated."

Dancing is art in motion. What a gift to allow your body to move as it pleases while it is bursting at the seams with life's energy. Dancing is one of the rare art forms that is just as lovely alone as it is with someone else

2.    Eat Well and Eat Local

"I don't want to diet in the New Year, but I do want to eat better."

Try to eat more whole foods that look like themselves.

3.    More Red Wine, Please

"I'd like to learn about where my wine is made and also drink 'better' wines."

Drinking red wine in moderation can help your heart, prevent cognitive decline, and can prevent memory loss. Cheers to that. Remember to ask your server about the origin of the wine you are drinking, the creation of wine is its own unique story in itself.

 4.    Create Art

"I'd like to carve time out of every day to make art."

There is nothing better than creating art in pencil, allowing your mind and heart to make adjustments along the way, and when necessary, to erase things altogether.

5.    Find Harmony and Peace with Yoga

"I would like to take up yoga this year, however, I don't want to spend a lot of money and I don't want to be bad at it."

Full disclosure, I learned yoga with my best friend via a free iOS app a few weeks ago. I was hooked after the first session; I felt relaxed and empowered when I was done. It's a great reminder to remember to breathe throughout your day, and to remember that you are a living, breathing, human being made of 7 octillion atoms. You are a miracle. We are not guaranteed the future, but we are guaranteed this moment in time, so remember to periodically

6.    Travel: Be One with Nature

"I want to get out and spend more time in nature. Period."

The US does not specifically have a word for being "one with nature" but it is a concept that is widely recognized worldwide. The Japanese may say shinrin-yoku meaning "forest bathing" or the Norwegian's may say friluftsliv meaning "free air life," but in the US we say "I need to go [insert hiking, camping, boating, skiing, kayaking, etc.,] which translates essentially to the same thing...a desire to feel the power of being one with nature.

7.    Create Head Space: Meditate

"I want to meditate, but I don't know where to begin."

As for advanced meditation, "Remember to keep your ego in check. Sometimes we have amazing experiences in meditation and begin meditating for the purpose of achieving those experiences again. Meditation can be anything you want it to be, but truly being present and in a position to fully express your soul requires that you drop expectations built from the past and be open to whatever the present wants to offer."

My (free) recommendation: Download the free app Headspace and try the "10 minutes a day for 10 days" program in the privacy of your own home to see if you are into meditation.

8.    Live With Passion

"I'd like to live passionately, each and every day."

Be a force of nature, fueled by love, and filled with passion from head to toe. Taking care of yourself and following your passions is the best gift you can give to yourself. This is your life, the only one you'll be giving. Love it. Live it with all your heart. You are worth it.

9.    Embrace the Unknown

"I'd like to be more fearless and embrace the unknown."

Surrender to your inner greatness and do not fear your inner light. Take time to intimately know yourself. You can't build a house with a faulty foundation, you can't grow plants without strong roots, and you can't become your best self without first becoming grounded. Listen to your heart and don't be afraid to share your true, authentic self with the world around you as you embark on your journey around the sun.