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Massage & Bodywork Journal - "Best Massage Therapist in the West", March 2011, 2012, and 2013

5280 Denver's Magazine - "The 15 Calmest, Quietest, Coolest (and most decadently wonderful) Urban Spa's”, August 2009

Rocky Mountain News – “Denver’s Best Massage Fit for Royalty”, July 2009

5280 Denver's Magazine - "Current Obsession - Pampering Pick", January 2007

KMGH Denver Channel 7  "A-List" has ranked me as one of Denver's Top Massage Therapist for three years in a row.



May 2016 - The Only Person You Have the Power to Change is Yourself

Like many of you, for many years I held the belief that I actually had the power to change the people I loved the most; such as my husband, nephews/niece, parents and siblings. Although, I have heard all my life, "You can't change anyone but yourself," I believed there was an exception to the rule that other people had not yet figured out. In most cases, I believed that if someone really loved me and wanted to make me happy, they would change their negative behaviors and attitudes. I was so wrong. While change is very necessary, it can be difficult.

What I know for sure is that no one has the power to change another, nor should they seek to do so. People will only change if they believe they need to change, coupled with a strong desire to do so. If people do not see the need to change, there is nothing you can do to bring about change in their lives. Change is a personal decision. At best, we have the power to influence one to change their actions, behavior, attitude or opinion; which is quite different. As human beings, we constantly seek to change another, when we should be consumed with changing ourselves. Like Gandhi, I believe that we must aspire to become the change we want to see in the world...and so, change begins with you.

These are the things I know for sure. When you know better, you do better. I am now inspired to ASPIRE TO GREATNESS in these areas of my life. 

Will you join me?